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This is for groups of 12 or 24. For more information, contact us at
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The historic Tovrea Castle at Carraro Heights was opened for public tours by Tovrea Carraro Society on March 10, 2012.

Regular tours are approximately 90 minutes and include the historic Castle's main floor and basement, extensive grounds and cactus gardens surrounding the Castle.

Guests are greeted by Tovrea Carraro Society Certified Volunteers at the Visitor Center and taken through the Carraro Cactus Gardens on a tram with a docent. The tour winds through the beautiful 44 acres, viewing the outer buildings, before arriving at Tovrea Castle.

  • The tour is ADA accessible; please let us know that you are bringing a wheelchair or walker. We cannot accommodate MOTORIZED assistive devices (wheelchairs, scooters, etc).
  • Other Special arrangements should be made at least 2 weeks prior to your tour date and time, particularly for assistive devices for hearing and sight impairments.
  • This is a rain or shine, cold or hot tour; guests are advised to wear appropriate clothing for the weather.
  • Be advised that tours for commercial touring companies are priced at a higher rate and are very limited and not available through these regular tours. If you are interested in booking a tour through your tour management company, please contact us for special pricing and dates at If you are a commercial touring company and book anyway, we will cancel your tickets.
  • Please be aware that there are no tour refunds within 72 hours of your selected tour date. Tour refunds are for every ticket you have purchased e.g. 6 tickets purchased on same credit card, cannot refund only 2 tickets, but all 6!
  • All refunds must be requested from and approved by Tovrea Carraro Society. You may call us at 602/256.3221 or email us at to request a refund. Remember, this must be at least 72 hours before your tour
  • We are unable to make exchanges between dates. There is NO RESELLING of tickets under any circumstances.

Due to occupancy limits, tours must be booked in advance. Tour tickets are sold on a first come first serve basis. You can purchase a tour ticket online by clicking a ticket category above.


Q: Is there a wait list?
A: There is not a wait list for refunded tickets.

Q: Am I limited to the number of tickets I can purchase?
A: Yes, each type of tour has its own limits - check the description before ordering.

Q: What happens when you refund someone's tickets?
A: When a ticket is refunded it is immediately re-released for sale.

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